Photography has always been my “thing”. It was early when I started (see my history at http://www.fotografie-hansvandam.nl/about-me/). I have been photographing from my 9th year. Then I got my first camera: one that looked like an Agfa Clack. But this one had a real yellow filter built into it. The only local bungalow on the outskirts of Rotterdam – “look what a beautiful house”, my mother said – was the first to capture. Then we had to wait until the roll of 12 was full. You could see that through a red window on the back. You could also take two shots on top of each other. After a week, at the local photographer, I picked up my first 6 × 6 black-and-whites with a white serrated edge. Feast! I was a photographer ……. on the school trip I covered the match – I chose a low stance for more drama… .. a dream came true. I don’t remember not having worked with photography. Here it was early. With the ferry to Rotterdam. There was fog and then a boat pops up in front of you. Magic.


Fuji X Pro2 – XF35mmF 1,4R – ISO 200 – F 5,6 – 1/30000sec – 2017, Mrch.


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There are things you can’t get enough of. You keep looking. It’s beyond photography. You’re gone. Like a full moon, for example.


Fuji X Pro2 – XF35mmF 1,4R – ISO 200 – F 18 – 1/200sec – 2016, Apr.

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I think that as a sculptor you fall in love with your sculpture. On your own creation. Of course you have looked at the proportions. But above all you think about the result. And if it also ends up on the river, the river that has already seen so much pass by, then you can be lucky. Moreover, the distance with all its illumination and reflection is a feast for the future eye.


Fujifil X100S – 23mm – ISO 6400 – F 4 – 1/20sec – 2015, Apr.

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One of the most beautiful memories of Iceland is the moving water. It’s all around you. It goes without saying.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 70-200mm F 2,8L USM – ISO 50 – 200mm – F 16 – 1/13Sec – 2014, Okt.

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Sometimes things seem endless. Something that lasts forever, that never ends. Get lost in the distance. To get lost. Distance. A poetic feeling that manifests itself and invites poetry. Lines of poetry that just don’t want to appear. Which still remain hidden. Who roam somewhere. Somewhere. Perhaps in infinity.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 24-70mm F 2,8L USM – ISO 100 – 27Mm – F 4 – 1/200sec – 2014, July.

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Sometimes reality presents itself differently. You think you guess it, but it turns out to be something else. I think you should look at what it means to you. Regardless of the fact itself. That is quite an art. It has to do with letting go of judgment.

Can you look openly at something that you do not know what it is or what it represents. And maybe it means nothing and it is only about the color. I photographed the skin of an onion. It has something of the universe as it appears later when you look at it. A wonderful phenomenon. Something small that is immeasurable.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 100mm F 2,8 Macro USM – ISO 800 – F 18 – 1/60sec – 2012, Dec.

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The sea remains changeable. Dangerous even at times. The Wadden Sea also has its peculiarities. Although from the deck of the ferry from Harlingen, the sea also brings surprises. Great to see.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 70-200mm F 2,8L USM – ISO 100 – 200mm – F 13 – 1/250sec – 2012, Nov.

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One of the best things about a holiday is that you can dream away. Just let your imagination run wild. Never think about anything and stare into the distance. Watching what you see in the distance. Just nothing. And just fantasize.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 24-70mm F 2,8L USM – ISO 100 – 70mm – F 11 – 1/30sec – 2011, June.

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It’s lonely at sea. Despite the light, the stillness overwhelms you. You can hear your heart beating in the wind. There is nothing around you. Silence and wind are the only companions. The occasional gull. Certainly lost.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 70-200mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 200mm – F4 – 1/200sec – 2012 Nov.

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