In het Singer Museum te Laren zag ik een fotoboek over een voorbije expositie van een fotograaf, getiteld “The White Blouse“.

De gehanteerde stofuitdrukking door fotograaf Marie-Jeanne van Hovell tot Westerflier sprak mij onmiddellijk aan vanwege mijn eigen historie en mijn voormalige Hasselbladje (nooit wegdoen dus – ook analoog niet).

Bij thuskomst trof ik een uitnodigende dahlia aan, waarna mijn fantasie aan het werk ging. Natuurlijk is kleinbeeld niet te vergelijken met 6×6, maar het voelt goed en het was ook leuk om te doen. In gedachten hoor ik Ine (mijn voormalige docent), omdat we dezelfde passie voor zwart-wit en het vierkant deelden.







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Gewoon nieuwsgierig hoe het eruit komt te zien op de site. Nu in SRGB met 72 d/inch. Simulatie Acros R filter. Contrast verhoogd. Verscherpt. Uitsnede gemaakt. Vignet.

Wel een mooi moment – aslof ze naar elkaar onderweg zijn – de titel viel dan ook spontaan binnen.






Er zijn dingen waar je ontzettend vrolijk van kunt worden,

Wat te denken van zwerven in de bloementuin zodra de zon op is?

Daar wordt een mens vrolijk van!



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Every time I come to Terschelling and I lie on my stomach near this monument, I get mesmerized by the cloud mass. Something magical is happening.

You float away like a ship at sea. Very appropriate on an island. A look at a distant past makes you stare into the sky.


Canon EOS 20D  – EF 24-70mm F2,8L USM – ISO 100 – F4 – 51mm – 1/4000sec – 2007, June.

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Sometimes reality presents itself differently. You think you guess it, but it turns out to be something else. I think you should look at what it means to you. Regardless of the fact itself. That is quite an art. It has to do with letting go of judgment.

Can you look openly at something that you do not know what it is or what it represents. And maybe it means nothing and it is only about the color. I photographed the skin of an onion. It has something of the universe as it appears later when you look at it. A wonderful phenomenon. Something small that is immeasurable.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 100mm F 2,8 Macro USM – ISO 800 – F 18 – 1/60sec – 2012, Dec.

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The nights in Sweden are very special. You always camp somewhere by a lake or something. Then the sunset is a special experience in itself. But the nights are certainly unique. Light is always there, somewhere. Especially if you are there around the longest day. Spectacular even. Especially if you are not used to this. Reading a book at midnight and not turning on a light is a special experience. Taking a photo in the middle of the night is also special.


Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 40mm – F 8 – 1/100sec – 2010, June.


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The light is always there. Sometimes you have to look for it. When you find it you are a lucky one. Without light no live. No photography too.

In nature light is responsible for a lot of things. But to capture the light is a different story. I hope I succeeded.



Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 70mm – F 4,5 – 1/50sec – 2009, Aug.

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Near Veenendaal (Holland) I met today’s light. A kind of magic at the Prattenburg location. A free-for-public park in The Netherlands. Amazing light and a starting spring. Nothing more to ask for. Just being there with the public at home during corona. A real relief. At least for me and some other photographers.


Fujifilm X100S – 19mm – WCL converter – ISO 200 – F2 – 1/1000sec

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Seeing this photograph, the first thing I had to think about was: Catholic. Distinctively a Catholic Church. From outside, seeing the cross, I immediately recognized it.

Of course, being in Tuscany, you will never meet a church of a different believe. However I did not seek for it.

According to a Dutch performer, you are born catholic. A way of being. It’s in the blood.

I do not know how it is to be born as a photographer. Does it exist? At my birthday my father and mother gave me a Agfa Clack growing nine. I never regret that decision.


Canon EOS 5D – 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 24mm – F 2,8 – 1/5000sec – 2008, Apr.


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One of my favorite photographs is the one I took in Tuscany. A vineyard maybe, or an olive grove. Anyway a beautiful view from one of the hills at Tuscany. I remember the soft wind blowing in my face. The trees are waving a little bit. A nice view in the morning sun. On my way to drink coffee in a nearby village.


Canon EOS 5D – 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 62mm – F 11 – 1/250 – 2008, Apr.

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