SILENCE is the only word I can imagine when I see this picture of Finland again. It’s July 2006 and we are looking for a campsite somewhere in the south of Finland.  Nearby one of the thousands of lakes. It seems there is nobody at home wherever we go that day. Finally we find a campsite. Not English spoken over there. So with hands and feet we try to make a reservation for some days. It is complicated. Anyway we are in Finland and near a lake. Sometimes we see naked people ready for the cold water after a heat sauna. Then I see a fisherman with his boat coming across the lake. I wait for the moment he rises his paddles……


Canon EOS 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 24 mm – ISO 100 – F 9,5 – 1/30sec – Jul 2006

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“…change your mind about leaving…..” The Stones sang a couple of years ago. I had to think about it, seeing this boat again. A lake in Finland. Every lake in Finland has severals boats. That guys are leaving a lot. Maybe they go fishing.

I like the lakes of Finland. Especially for their tranquillity and the deep water in it. Lots of clouds are reflecting in the water when the weather is calm. So you have to be calm yourself for this picture. No encouraging needed!


Canon 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 38 mm – ISO 100 – F 9,5 – 1/125sec – Jul 2006

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It’s Finland again. I like the fresh colors. It’s nothing and it is all. Therefore I like Finland.

It’s because of nothing. It’s because of the trees. The white trunks. The yellow fields full of rapeseed.

Nothing at some square feet.


Canon 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 24 mm – ISO 100 – F 9,5 – 1/60sec – Jul 2006


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It is late and rather dark in the evening. It’s just before sunset in July in Finland. I camp in Uusikaupunki. I am standing on a table with my tripod looking for the sunset.

I hear a voice saying: “good night” and that voice is scaring me shitless. A middle aged man carrying a kajak and two paddles is passing by.

“I like to travel at night for 2500 kilometers along the lakes of Finland”, he says. I am perplexed and can only stammer “have a good trip” or something like that.

In the meantime he has gone. Only leaving some waves behind him and his kajak.

Anyway I liked that place and the shot. I’ll never forget Uusikaupunki.


Canon 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 32 mm – ISO 100 – F 22,0 – 0,7sec – Jul 2006



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It’s past ten in the evening. I witnessed the sunset at the beach of Noordwijk at the North Sea. Two friends, sitting side by side, are watching and enjoying the rimpling of the water during a long time. The are talking and waiting for sunset. It’s June and  the water warmed up by the sun during the past weeks. I’m waiting and waiting for the sunset and for ‘the decisive moment’ they look to each other.

It happened at 22.03.29 hr in 2006 at June 30th exactly. Thanks to Lightroom I still can recover the exact moment of capturing. It took more than half an hour before the sun disappeared and the friends went home.

Sunset – one of the miracles of love and life.


Canon 20D  24/70 mm – f2,8 – 64 mm – ISO 100 – F 5,6 – 1/60 sec – jun 2006

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I like to walk, to wander with my camera. This time I have been near the visitors center of ‘De Biesbosch‘. It’s the land of low tide and flood, maze of creeks. You can sail past willow flood forests, canoeing through or wandering along winding creeks, finding rough paths and open meadows, looking for water birds and beavers.

I like to listen to the rippling of the water around me. Not any day the same as yesterday. I found this repetition of willows waiting for spring to come.

I love the reflections in the water.


Canon 20D  70/200 mm – f2,8 – 70mm – ISO 400 – F32 – 1/15 sec – mrt 2006

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“It’s winterfall”, Freddy Mercury sang. “Am I dreaming…..”. During a visit in Austria I had that same feeling in the early morning. It was cold outside and I made my morning walk before my cup of coffee somewhere in the neighbourhood of Innsbruck. I saw a little church down the hill and started walking through the fresh snow seeing some cabins and the new morning light.

The nature based snow-white and coming fruit of the alder makes a real contrast with the human shaped forms of the little town. I loved the foggy colors and my coffee tasted wonderful…..


Canon 20D  70/200 mm – f2,8 – 200mm – ISO 100 – F11 – 1/250 sec – feb 2006





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WACHTERS IN DE WIND heb ik ze genoemd. Ergens langs het strand in Noord-Holland kwam ik ze tegen. Stilte en beweging samen in één beeld. Een geweldige ervaring vond ik het. En nog steeds.

Zo’n beeld geeft veel stof tot overdenking en dat is wat je ook doet als je langs het strand loopt. Trouwens ook als je van plan bent ‘je hoofd leeg te maken’. Altijd gaat de golfslag met je mee en dat helpt bij alles wat je denkt of juist niet denkt. Water, we komen er vandaan en moeten er steeds weer naar toe.

En daar staan dan de wachters. Ze trotseren de golven, bij eb en bij vloed. Boeiend om naar te kijken. Altijd gaat het water er tussendoor. Alleen de zeepokken zijn er tegen bestand. Die klonteren zich vast aan de palen, wat er ook gebeurd. Wie heeft dat touwtje eigenlijk opgehangen……?

Fototechnisch nog best ingewikkeld. Je moet de zwarten ‘niet dicht laten lopen’ maar ‘doortekend’ laten. Die goeie Ansel Adams met zijn ‘zonesysteem’ moest eens weten……

Een overblijfsel uit mijn Hasselbladperiode… Wat een ‘goeie ouwe tijd’….. En maar pielen met dat rolletje van 12 en maar tobben in die donkere kamer…. Wat een gemak toch die digitale camera’s!


Canon 20D  24/70 mm – f2,8 – 46mm – ISO 100 – F5,6 – 1/125 sec – feb 2006



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As my former teacher, Ine van den Broek (she died at 62 in 2009) , said: “Damned Hans, you need to go close” – I still hear those words at every shot with my camera.

It is a low sun evening at Denmark. I had to think of Van Gogh who painted corn during 1890. The fullness of the barley is overwhelming. Especially its large plumes. It is like new ones and it is glittering from all sides. Some months ago we liked the cold winter and now this is happening. The wonder is still there….

Since 7000 BC coming from Syria and Afghanistan and now growing from Finland to the Himalaya. A golden glow. Thanks to the RGB colors from my digital camera.

Nothing to compare…….

Canon 20D  24/70 mm – f2,8 – 64mm – ISO 200 – F4,0 – 1/180 sec – jul 2005


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Ik loop ergens in Oslo, nabij het Vigelandpark. Plots ontdek ik een ‘kwaad’ fonteintje in een achterafstraat. Het staat er al lang zo te zien. Het ziet er verweerd uit. Iedereen loopt er ook aan voorbij. Gestaag komen de waterstralen naar beneden. Het is hartje zomer en ik ben zwaar ‘bewapend’ met mijn 70-200mm Canon EF f/2,8L IS IIUSM. Natuurlijk zoom ik helemaal in en natuurlijk kies ik de grootste opening. Ik sjouw dat spul niet voor niets mee. Met 1/180 sec op ISO 200 uit de hand voel ik mij best wel trots. Mooi scherp waar ik wilde. Als fotograaf ben je altijd ‘de baas’….



Canon 20D  – 70/200mm – f2,8 – 200mm – ISO 200 – F2,8 – 1/180 sec – jul 2005

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