Wat te denken van internet? Nu ik twee weken zonder verbinding heb gezeten, merk je pas hoe je het mist. Kennelijk is je leven toch ingesteld geraakt op het gebruik ervan. En dan te bedenken dat ik nauwelijks gebruik maak van “social media”!


Een vreemde gewaarwording.


Geen bijwerken van gegevens. Niet kunnen printen. Niets kunnen opzoeken. Juist in een corona situatie niets kunnen bestellen. Tjee, wat zijn we internetgevoelig geworden. Wat fantastisch is het om weer in de lucht te zijn. Gewoon weer de dingen te doen die passen bij de tijd waarin je leeft.




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Nothing to be more beautiful than subtle colors. Autumn is especially suitable for this. This period is also significant. The realization dawns that everything is temporary. Of course you already knew this, but consciously experiencing the disappearance of all the fresh greenery provides food for thought and reflection. The great artist is at work and turns everything into magisterial colors. A sparkle of happiness, of sharing and letting go. So telling …..


Fujifilm XPro-2 – XF 56mm F 1,2 R – ISO 200 – F 8 – 1/8sec

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Thanks to the Brothers Grimm and Walt Disney, you know about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. As a child you can let your imagination run wild. Maybe also as a photographer, because you secretly look around when you suddenly see the chairs of these guys ready. It always appeals to the imagination that ‘red with the white dots’. You immediately sing that song involuntarily. It has indeed been brought up at the beginning. Either at home or at school. Being a child with the children is the best thing there is. It all looks cool and toxic, doesn’t it?


Fujifilm XPro-2 – XF 23 mm R WR F 2 – ISO 5000 – F 4 – 1/200sec


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The autumn season conjures up new colors. Colors that have always been there, but that still surprise you. That’s how I came across these tomatoes with their fantastic colors. It is a moment to enjoy. An unexpected encounter with the beauty of transience. They will soon end up as compost, but for the time being they will shine with their beauty.


Fujifim XPro-2 – XF 23 mm R WR F 2 – ISO 200 – F 2 – 1/1600sec

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I can’t help it, but it’s about nature again. What is it that we always have to go out into nature? It feels like a blessing. This is the time of year for sure, but actually we always feel overwhelmed. Take the green color for example. You keep looking at it. It is not only the shape, but also the intensity of the color. Autumn. Maybe that’s why. You don’t expect them to roll off the trees like this. Within a few days the intensity has already disappeared and you have to wait another year. Nature requires alertness.


Fujifim XPro-2 – XF 23 mm R WR F 2 – ISO 10000 – F 4 – 1/200sec





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Autumn has come. The time of the earth colors has arrived. So stroll through the forest and meet old acquaintances. Nature has done it again despite the corona time. Just go your own way. Do what you have to do and don’t let anyone and nothing hinder you. Survive. See who is the strongest. A struggle for the survival of the species. Whoever wins has won. Easy.


Fujifim XPro-2 – XF 56 mm F 1,2 – MCEX 11 – ISO 400 – F 2,8 – 1/400sec

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Is it possible to dream away in this time of social media? Maybe we should go out more. Just go. Into the fresh air. Let thoughts come and go. Walking at sunset or at sunrise. Celebrate the day. The rhythm of the wave can accompany you and bring the heart rate down.


Fujifim XPro-2 – XF 35 mm F 1,4 – ISO 400 – F 5,6 – 1,0sec

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If you’ve ever been to Terschelling, you know what I’m talking about. Wandering gives a sense of freedom. And there is plenty of room on this island. Room to wander. You wouldn’t normally say it when you arrive by boat, but the crowd quickly spreads across the various locations.

And at times you don’t see anyone anymore. Roam and


Canon EOS 20D  – EF 24-70mm F2,8L USM – ISO 100 – F19 – 24mm – 1/125sec – 2007, June.

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Every time I come to Terschelling and I lie on my stomach near this monument, I get mesmerized by the cloud mass. Something magical is happening.

You float away like a ship at sea. Very appropriate on an island. A look at a distant past makes you stare into the sky.


Canon EOS 20D  – EF 24-70mm F2,8L USM – ISO 100 – F4 – 51mm – 1/4000sec – 2007, June.

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Nowadays a lot is about “mood” in photography. Orange / Teal is in. A matter of adjusting the red slider (+60 Hue -58 Satutation) and the blue slider (-53 Hue) for example. I think people would disapprove of this at the ‘fotovakschool’, although you never know this nowadays.

In any case, it is nice to experience “mood” when recording, when taking the photo. That always supplies an extra dimension to the shoot.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 85mm F1,2L II USM – ISO 100 – F 1,2 – 1/8000sec – 2012, June

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