Sinds enkele maanden onderhou ik een moestuin. Een geweldige belevenis van begin tot zonsondergang. Vooral ook in de vroege morgen als de zon net wakker is. Dan schijnt het licht over de tuin en is het mijmeren in de verte niet van de lucht. Geluiden komen tevoorschijn en alles ontwaakt. Gedachten over wat allemaal nog kan verschijnen. Ze verdwijnen gelukkig ook weer. Het fijne is dat niets moet en alles kan. Dus:



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I first have to apologise for not updating my DAILY JOURNAL (2) since July 9th. Due to holidays at one side but more to the existance of annoying Instagram and 500px. I don’t like it anymore at this time. It’s because I feel a strong obligation to send a picture every day. I know it’s the consequense of keeping a daily journal, but as I feel it today I have to force myself too much which I do not like. So I quit some days ago. For the time being I blog at moments I like to do it with no obligations or commitments. For example the picture I took on July 22nd when I walked at the beach at the isle Texel in the Netherlands. Just being there and looking around. Feeling something to happen and telling me a story. Just informing me to RELAX. And that’s what I’m doing right now.


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DAY 038 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – DEPTH

Some people – like my good old father – feel dizzy when they look at depth. Once I saved a wife on a mountain. The hill being too steep. In my home town I found a ditch with a rail of which I took a portrait. Please don’t look down, but



Choosing can be difficult. Today I had that problem. It’s a sunny day and I experimented with my camera-settings. So shadows +2 and highlights -1. Spotmetering and ISO100. The look should be quite contrasty. In general, however, I think colors need more black and b&w needs more contrast. Especially whites. Look for yourself and


And now (below) I pushed the contrast a lille bit with the curve tool in Lightroom and add some grain (25%).

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DAY 032 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – MOVIE

Today, in the polder, I made my first movie (later more). It’s a pleasure to be over there, because the sun is shining and it’s a little windy out there. So I enjoyed and meanwhile you see swans passing by and hear goose up in the sky. A little coot flies away, scared as she is for the swan, starting to fly. It feels like the poster of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), because the sky is filled bleu. Anyway I like my b&w to compose and to see the light falling.



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DAY 031 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – DUTCHY

How Dutchy can it be…..! It’s a windy day and I photographed it. In my mind I saw the image and so I went to the mills of Kinderdijk. As I aspected there were lots of tourists from Japan and I heard some Belgians too. I did not aspect to receive a postcard from a man on his bike, saying: “A free picture for you sir”. So I accepted it, because it’s free and I am Dutch, you know. I did not aspect it to come from ‘the bible belt’. On the backside he had printed: “Lord, save me!’. I do not think it was about the windy day….. So I enjoyed in my own way an I hope he did too.



The first harvest of my back- garden! I love it! ‘It’s a beautiful day’ sung good old Freddy Mercury. Meaning something different I think. But I’am sure he could have meant it. Anyway I do! So





I think you recognise the flower I photographed this evening. She is well known by herself especially in France. I remember some holidays I met her before. Anyway the evening sun gives a special feeling yo every image.  I like the diagonal in the square format. So for tonight:




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DAY 022 – 100 DAY JOURNAL(2) – SUMMER !!!!

It’s summer !!! The coming three months it’s summer. A wonderful time of the year. A period of wine, lavendel, butterflies, flowers, some foliage, olive trees, caravanning, camping, travel, campfire and much more.

Maybe your going to the beach – start early in the morning and come back late in the evening to avoid traffic jam. For today:



DAY 021 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – MIDSUMMER: First, First, First….

Today we celebrate MIDSUMMER !!!

The images I made today are yelling: First, First, First ….. and I cannot decide which one is the first one to show. It is a lovely day with people we love and enjoy!

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