I look into Barbara Hepworth’s sculpture. The pious radiate towards you. That suits a Sunday morning. Art makes you happy, although her life was not always happy. Besides the color of the stone, the shapes are of great beauty. Good to keep that up all your life. I like the shapes and lines. It really is a gem.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 65mm – F 7,1 – 1/8sec – 2012, May.


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Nobody is waiting for shadow in real life. Like suddenly a cloud slides in front of the sun and the temperature immediately drops a few degrees. Of course it will be delicious in warm regions. Shadows are indispensable in photography. It gives depth to everything. The most beautiful is of course a diffuse light where the shadows are still visible, but here on the wall where the shadow is visible it is also a grateful subject.


Canon EOS 5D MarkII – EF 70-200mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 85mm – F 2,8 – 1/5000sec – 2012, Apr.


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The architects of Insel Hombroich have followed their heart.  Walking around is an experience! It is art in its best form. An experience in learning to look differently. Photographically it is a challenge too. You notice you walk around in an environment where creativity reigns. Create what not exists before. New vistas and insights. A park called an island. Slim and balanced design. A beautiful sight with materials that have resist the test of time. Design and ideas are going together. Just art. A place to spoil yourself. Even lunchtime – a delicious experiment and steeped in pure nature. A place to return again.


Canon EOS 5D EF 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 62mm – F 5,6 – 1/160sec – 2010, Aug.

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What to think about the future? I really don’t know. I think it’s from all times. The future is always there, whatever you think about it. Of course planning is something. But the present time is always there. May be you can plan the present. Anyway the present is quick too. So….


Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 70mm – F4 – 1/1600sec – 2009, May.

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During my visit at museum ‘De Lakenhal’ in Leiden, a city in The Netherlands, I saw some work of Jan Wolkers.

Some work in glass, some paintings and some poetry. He inspired me enormously and from that day on my life went different. More decisions had to be made.

I bought a book about his work called: “Marszwart & Titianwit”. Its about painting with black and white, but for me its about inspiration.

I made a picture of one of his works with a view on Leiden. The city and museum he visited as a child.


Leica D Lux 3 6,3mm – ISO 100 – F 5,6 – 1/80sec – 2008, Dec.

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The south of France. Where else? The only place where windows are open by day and night. I always have enjoyed it very much. This was shot near Foundation Meaght. A museum where I met the modern artists in a great way of presentation.


LEICA D-LUX 3 – ISO 100 – 190mm – F 6,3 – 1/200sec – 2008, July

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Walking around in Tuscany I met this artist on a busy street. He performed very well as far as I could see. Lots of people were looking and did not forget the little basket he put aside. I think Leonardo would be proud after so many years. That way it’s a pleasure to walk around and to look at. In some way the street is always exiting.


Canon EOS 5D 70-200mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 70mm – F 4 – 1/125 – 2008, Apr.


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It’s craft. It’s originality. There at the Duomo of Florence in Tuscany. It’s old. The cradle of the Renaissance. Italy. How is it possible!

As a photographer you will be amazed about the old beauty. Wherever you look you will meet the history. It’s on the floor too.


Canon EOS 5D – 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 1600 – 70mm – F 3,2 – 1/40 – 2008, Apr.



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The place Bach should sound every minute. In my mind I hear the organ playing one of my favorite items. You get curious about the organist and follow the sound to get closer to the organ. Meanwhile enjoying the colors of the painting on the ceilings and the statues situated alongside. I could not believe my eyes. So enjoy en listen to the music in your head. Yes, it was Prague again.


Canon EOS 5D – 17 -40mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 3200 – 30mm – F 4 – 1/50 – Oct 2007.




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A long time ago I discovered my neighbour playing bass. An enthusiastic musician provided a great demonstration of his art during half an hour. I moved around him trying to get that spectacular shot of ‘strings on the move’. My flash took care of the ‘frozen’ strings while his right hand was ‘on the move’. Both we liked the results and now I have the honor to show his well-trained fingerings as he regularly does in public.


Canon EOS 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 24 mm – ISO 100 – F 2,8 – 1/15sec – Apr 2007



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