I love tulips. But those are gone. Gone in time. You should have seen them a week ago. They were glancing at home. But they are not at home. Where do they come from?

I really don’t know. May be Holland. Indeed several tulip varieties are coming from my home country. But the first one?

Tulips are originally from the Ottoman Empire (nowadays Turkey). They were imported to the Netherlands in the 16th century. When Carolus Clusius wrote the first important work on tulips in 1592, the flowers became so popular that his garden was regularly attacked and his flower bulbs disappeared.

This one disappeared too.


Canon EOS 5D – 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 32mm – F 3,5 – 1/160sec – 2008 March.


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Almost spring. That’s what I thought seeing this photograph. In 2008, February I made this one.

I really like tulips. Maybe because I have been born in Holland, but most of all because of their form. Not any tulip, like people, the same. What an imagination!

As an explanation we say it depends on this or that, but we don’t know the real cause. “It’s a miracle”, like the song of Ilse de Lange.

A reality too. Good to know and to recognize.


Canon EF 100mm macro F 2,8 USM – ISO 400 – 100mm – F 9 – 1/5sec – tripod – 2008, Feb.

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Maybe you are curious about the end of the rope. Well it ends in the river.

One a misty morning I walked along the river called ‘de Merwede’ situated in the Netherlands. It means “wide water”. This river is part of the Rhine–Meuse–Scheldt delta and is mostly fed by the river Rhine.

During summer bathers sit on one of the beaches along the river. It’s always a nice view. I left them home this time.

It’s a well known river during WWII too because of the people of Sliedrecht. They crossed the river at night and went to one of the creeks of “De Biesbosch” in order to hide people.


LEICA D-LUX 3 – ISO 100 – 190mm – F 4,5 – 1/100sec – Jan 2008.

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Once I shot Joris and added:


Today I think it has been unchanged. It’s still there if you want to see it. Even when the circumstances are worse.

“Where the light comes in’, sang Cohen.



Canon EOS 5D – 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 400 – 70mm – F 3,5 – 1/320 – Aug 2007.

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A long time ago I discovered my neighbour playing bass. An enthusiastic musician provided a great demonstration of his art during half an hour. I moved around him trying to get that spectacular shot of ‘strings on the move’. My flash took care of the ‘frozen’ strings while his right hand was ‘on the move’. Both we liked the results and now I have the honor to show his well-trained fingerings as he regularly does in public.


Canon EOS 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 24 mm – ISO 100 – F 2,8 – 1/15sec – Apr 2007



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‘Sometimes I feel so sad, so bad’, Mercury sung. Today I feel pretty good, however this image shows contrary. I made it some days after yesterdays image and still can feel the sorrow it expresses.

Life and dead and a couple of days in between. Things go fast in real life. Anyway it’s time to enjoy every minute.

I did it during composing and this time during writing about it. I love the image and the transience carrying it inside.


Canon EOS 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 24 mm – ISO 100 – F 8 – 1/125sec – Sep 2006


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Sometimes you have to wonder about life. Most of the time, by the way.

But during this period time passes by in a way of unconsciousness. Time does not exist. Especially not for grandfathers.

On a sunny day somewhere in the neighborhood of a young forest I spot my grandchildren passing by. It’s a moment I will never forget.


Canon EOS 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 70 mm – ISO 100 – Aug 2006


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DAY 038 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – DEPTH

Some people – like my good old father – feel dizzy when they look at depth. Once I saved a wife on a mountain. The hill being too steep. In my home town I found a ditch with a rail of which I took a portrait. Please don’t look down, but


DAY 037 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – AS USUAL

Some people react by saying ‘as usual’. Looking at some gardens in my home town Papendrecht. However you can ask for yourself how usual nature can be. Every time – in spring – a new miracle is happening. So


DAY 029 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – FLYING

It takes a couple of weeks before they fly away. The seeds of the tree in my garden. Did you know I can fly too? I am not only a photographer but I am a flyer too. I fly in my dreams. I fly low over fields and people are looking at me. They wave and ask ‘how do you do that?’. I never give any answer. According to my daughter this happens early in the morning. I do not harm anybody. So I like to go on with it like my tree does within some weeks.