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Er is veel veranderd sinds ik op mijn 9e jaar mijn eerste camera kreeg. Een "clackje" met een heuse geelfilter erin gebouwd. Uitermate modern voor die tijd, zeker wanneer je bedenkt dat het toestel ook nog de keuze bood tussen een opnametijd van 1/25sec en 1/50sec. Je kon er werkelijk alle kanten mee op. De filminleg - een rolletje van 12 stuks 6x6 opnamen, waarbij achterop de camera in een rood venstertje de nummers verschenen - was nog het meest moeilijke. Wat was ik trots op mijn eerste foto die ik na een week kon ophalen bij de plaatselijke fotograaf waar de camera ook gekocht was… THE MAGIC WORLD !!!!! In de nieuwe digitale wereld lijkt alles maakbaar. De essentie blijven zoeken in een beeld en deze op een unieke wijze weergeven met de technische mogelijkheden van vandaag, vraagt een continue blijven volgen van ontwikkelingen. Er gaat echter niets boven ons magistrale oog dat zoveel meer kan zien dan een camera. I love it…. Een dag zonder fotografie is een dag niet beleefd…..


In the south of France I met this curve. Especially in black and white I like it. It’s near the museum of Picasso in Antibes.


Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 70m – F 4 – 1/400sec – 2008, July

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The south of France. Where else? The only place where windows are open by day and night. I always have enjoyed it very much. This was shot near Foundation Meaght. A museum where I met the modern artists in a great way of presentation.


LEICA D-LUX 3 – ISO 100 – 190mm – F 6,3 – 1/200sec – 2008, July

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Again it’s the sea. It is never boring. This is where we come from. And we have to go back. Again and again.

This time I visited Domburg. The place of Mondriaan. You can feel the atmosphere of the well known Dutch painters and the sky with the “Dutch” clouds and light on it.


Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 50mm – F 5,6 – 1/640sec – 2008, June

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Somewhere in France. Always sun. That’s why I love the south of France. I met this gate near a castle in the middle of an old town. How to make something different, I thought. Well I took a great diaphragm (a small number, you know) and pointed to the gate. This image has not a straight-line, but the result is much stronger. At least I think.


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How Dutch can it be? I encountered this bike somewhere on the beach at the North Sea in the Netherlands. Something typically Dutch is that it is locked. You don’t need any thoughts of being used by somebody as it is full of sand. I cannot imagine how the sand stuck to the bike. The deserted beach suits the time we live in today.


Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 24mm – F 5,6 – 1/1000sec – 2008, June


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I am in love with Amsterdam. I told it many times.

It’s the birthplace of my wife. In former days I travelled by ferry to the north of the capital. It’s still there and sometimes I go back. They still have the old lanterns. Nowadays with electricity.

A nice view when you look up. In the meantime spotting the old facades near the canals of the city. I love it.



Canon EOS 5D 70-200mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 200 – 200mm – F 2,8 – 1/2000sec – 2008, June

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Near Veenendaal (Holland) I met today’s light. A kind of magic at the Prattenburg location. A free-for-public park in The Netherlands. Amazing light and a starting spring. Nothing more to ask for. Just being there with the public at home during corona. A real relief. At least for me and some other photographers.


Fujifilm X100S – 19mm – WCL converter – ISO 200 – F2 – 1/1000sec

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I had a walk in Berlin. Old stuff and new buildings near each other. I enjoyed it, especially the old scenery. You cannot imagine people lived over here during the cold war. Fearing every noise, every single day. Nowadays the old stuff is still there. For tourist sake I suppose. It’s good to take a photograph in order to never forget the circumstances people had to spent their lives.


Canon EOS 5D 24-70mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 400 – 52mm – F 8 – 1/125 – 2008, May


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How sad can it be….on the market?

Anyway enjoy the expression.

Canon EOS 5D 70-200mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 160mm – F 2,8 – 1/400 – 2008, May

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That’s what I like to say on this market. Just smile.

In former days it seems smiling was not done. Not done, because of the withhold of it on the puppet. Maybe the girl’s fantasy has been called as there’s just a little of it.

Use your fantasy…..! So,


Canon EOS 5D 70-200mm F 2,8 L USM – ISO 100 – 78mm – F 2,8 – 1/500 – 2008, May.

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