It is late and rather dark in the evening. It’s just before sunset in July in Finland. I camp in Uusikaupunki. I am standing on a table with my tripod looking for the sunset.

I hear a voice saying: “good night” and that voice is scaring me shitless. A middle aged man carrying a kajak and two paddles is passing by.

“I like to travel at night for 2500 kilometers along the lakes of Finland”, he says. I am perplexed and can only stammer “have a good trip” or something like that.

In the meantime he has gone. Only leaving some waves behind him and his kajak.

Anyway I liked that place and the shot. I’ll never forget Uusikaupunki.


Canon 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 32 mm – ISO 100 – F 22,0 – 0,7sec – Jul 2006