Did you ever spot a vintage car? They are unbelievable attractive. You can walk around it and make satisfying shots. Nowadays its a miracle you spot one. By the way, did you know Apple calls her computers ‘vintage’ after ten years of heavy duty? You’ll never hear this once you discover an old Citroën or Cadillac or something much older.

I saw this one in Paris. Just aside an old parking place. I cannot remember the exact place and street, but I still feel that pale worn out old bleu color of it. For this time I made a black and white image of it, because of the richness of blacks and whites in it.

I especially like the form of the lamp and the claxon according to the rubber hood of the motor. Did you recognize the electricity wire? It is unthinkable nowadays. Therefore I like vintage.


Canon 20D – 24/70 mm – F 2,8L USM – 70 mm – ISO 100 – F 5,6 – 1/125 sec – Jul 2006