It’s past ten in the evening. I witnessed the sunset at the beach of Noordwijk at the North Sea. Two friends, sitting side by side, are watching and enjoying the rimpling of the water during a long time. The are talking and waiting for sunset. It’s June and  the water warmed up by the sun during the past weeks. I’m waiting and waiting for the sunset and for ‘the decisive moment’ they look to each other.

It happened at 22.03.29 hr in 2006 at June 30th exactly. Thanks to Lightroom I still can recover the exact moment of capturing. It took more than half an hour before the sun disappeared and the friends went home.

Sunset – one of the miracles of love and life.


Canon 20D  24/70 mm – f2,8 – 64 mm – ISO 100 – F 5,6 – 1/60 sec – jun 2006