As my former teacher, Ine van den Broek (she died at 62 in 2009) , said: “Damned Hans, you need to go close” – I still hear those words at every shot with my camera.

It is a low sun evening at Denmark. I had to think of Van Gogh who painted corn during 1890. The fullness of the barley is overwhelming. Especially its large plumes. It is like new ones and it is glittering from all sides. Some months ago we liked the cold winter and now this is happening. The wonder is still there….

Since 7000 BC coming from Syria and Afghanistan and now growing from Finland to the Himalaya. A golden glow. Thanks to the RGB colors from my digital camera.

Nothing to compare…….

Canon 20D  24/70 mm – f2,8 – 64mm – ISO 200 – F4,0 – 1/180 sec – jul 2005