DAY 038 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – DEPTH

Some people – like my good old father – feel dizzy when they look at depth. Once I saved a wife on a mountain. The hill being too steep. In my home town I found a ditch with a rail of which I took a portrait. Please don’t look down, but


DAY 037 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – AS USUAL

Some people react by saying ‘as usual’. Looking at some gardens in my home town Papendrecht. However you can ask for yourself how usual nature can be. Every time – in spring – a new miracle is happening. So



Today I attend the lectures. Not really off course, but a kind of. Because of the need to spent some time in a town called Nijmegen (my wife visited the barbershop) I was looking for a ice-cream. As I could not find any store I decided to visit a well known tearoom in the center of that town. So I ordered a coffee and a small cake. Surprisingly they offered a so called ‘hazelino’. I had to try it out. It did not feel like punishing, so




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“It’s a fine start of the weekend”, she said. And she was right. The waitress of the restaurant somewhere in Arnhem. I went there because today the estate agent of my current house informed me about the selling price possible. So the start of the weekend in my new home town  was enjoyable. My only today’s advise remains:


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As I told you before I love Amsterdam. It’s not about the tourists, but about the people over there, always talking with that special nasal sound. And they always have the floor, whatever you say. I love them. Today I visit Mokum (as some of them name it). Especially I photographed some shadows. This time in orange, because of the Dutch Ladies. They are finalist too in France !! So


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Choosing can be difficult. Today I had that problem. It’s a sunny day and I experimented with my camera-settings. So shadows +2 and highlights -1. Spotmetering and ISO100. The look should be quite contrasty. In general, however, I think colors need more black and b&w needs more contrast. Especially whites. Look for yourself and


And now (below) I pushed the contrast a lille bit with the curve tool in Lightroom and add some grain (25%).

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DAY 032 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – MOVIE

Today, in the polder, I made my first movie (later more). It’s a pleasure to be over there, because the sun is shining and it’s a little windy out there. So I enjoyed and meanwhile you see swans passing by and hear goose up in the sky. A little coot flies away, scared as she is for the swan, starting to fly. It feels like the poster of KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), because the sky is filled bleu. Anyway I like my b&w to compose and to see the light falling.



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DAY 031 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – DUTCHY

How Dutchy can it be…..! It’s a windy day and I photographed it. In my mind I saw the image and so I went to the mills of Kinderdijk. As I aspected there were lots of tourists from Japan and I heard some Belgians too. I did not aspect to receive a postcard from a man on his bike, saying: “A free picture for you sir”. So I accepted it, because it’s free and I am Dutch, you know. I did not aspect it to come from ‘the bible belt’. On the backside he had printed: “Lord, save me!’. I do not think it was about the windy day….. So I enjoyed in my own way an I hope he did too.