DAY 024 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – AIRCO

According to the wheater forecast the temperature rises up to 30-31 degrees Celsius. This means full use of airco systems, where ever they may be. As I am not the owner of a beast like that I am going to swim. I think this evening to be a perfect moment. So think about that noisy thing and meanwhile:



DAY 023 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – WOODY

Some years ago I’ve got Woody Woodpecker during my birthday. I built it on a tree in front of my house. As I planned to move I tried to take Woody with me. Impossible. Woody seems to love his tree as he does not move for one millimeter. To the new owners of my house I advise:


DAY 022 – 100 DAY JOURNAL(2) – SUMMER !!!!

It’s summer !!! The coming three months it’s summer. A wonderful time of the year. A period of wine, lavendel, butterflies, flowers, some foliage, olive trees, caravanning, camping, travel, campfire and much more.

Maybe your going to the beach – start early in the morning and come back late in the evening to avoid traffic jam. For today:



DAY 021 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – MIDSUMMER: First, First, First….

Today we celebrate MIDSUMMER !!!

The images I made today are yelling: First, First, First ….. and I cannot decide which one is the first one to show. It is a lovely day with people we love and enjoy!

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My summer flowers! I sowed  them in some pots in the back of my garden. I’ve got an automatic watersystem which means I have to empty the water-cask by day in order to avoid overflow. I don’t believe this to be a problem for the flowers as they grow meanwhile. So



Coming back in time has been essential to avoid rain and  thunderstorms. Camping for some days is a pleasure to do. Especially when the wheater is pretty. Nowadays the Netherlands are confronted with low pressure areas. So you have to be back home in time. My trip back home has been succesfull, however I could not avoid a litlle bit of rain.



Today I have spent the most of my time on printing. Reproductions of former work. It’s fun to do it. Looking with the eyes of today means to increase contrast sometimes. I have lots of printing papers so I had to download several ICC  profiles. I call it art, because I think it is true.



DAY 017 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – POPPY

It’s the second time this year I went photographing a poppy. The first time they had left – disappeared – when I came back. You know you have to photograph them immediately when you see them. So this time I grabbed my camera and went back as soon as possible. There they were. Waiting for my come back. I love them. It’s because of their fragility and drapery. You can look trough them if you wish. So today I feel lucky.



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DAY 016 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – CHAIRS

Today I used my bike riding through ‘het Deeler Woud’. I have been  treated well by my wife. A real lunch with a salad and bread with mackerel. Delicous. We were sitting in the garden of restaurant ‘de Woeste Hoeve’. A place where Napoleon has been before! In the middle of nature. Somehow people are noisy. However we dispose of national highways, it leads to a lot of noise. Happyly I saw wonderfull old chairs on the pavement of the restaurant.


DAY 015 – 100 DAY JOURNAL (2) – STAIRS

Today I climbed the stairs again. The MORE museum at Gorssel offers modern art in a unique surrounding. The collection is about Charley Toorop and Carel Willink (among others).

They have a real stairs and of course you can choose for an elevator. To my todays visit the stairs  belung.


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