Concerning my photography, I stick close to home during March.

I have agreed with myself that I will shoot only within a radius of 5 kilometers (3.11 miles) from Papendrecht – Holland.

During the past days I went 5 kilometers west to cross the bridge over the river ‘De Noord’. On this side of Papendrecht I also found much industry. I discovered a bicycle left by miss Grace. I think she went to school. It seemed that her peers were there as well, since I found several bikes on this site. It is common in this region that many classmates bike together. You see them in large numbers to and from school with each other.

On this cold spring day, there was not much to see concerning this beautiful season. I love to go out with my camera. It’s always worth it. I used a X100S with WCL adapter to get a wide view of all the places.

And then, suddenly, I met Ciska at her school in my home town. I saw her final art project about the development of man in time. First the expression of the difference between physical growth and mental growth. And secondly the expression of ‘on the move’.

I always have a lot of respect for people who know to give expression to the imagination.

And since today, especially for Ciska, of course.

So,….. enjoy!