Today I started to capture ‘THE LIGHT OF DORDRECHT”. During this month I will photograph some old places in the old town Dordrecht. Dordrecht was granted  city rights by William I, Count of Holland, in the year 1220. In order to provide getting wet at this time of the year I visit the museum “Hof van Holland”.

This museum is situated in the former  Hof van Holland, Zeeland en West-Friesland and was the High Court of the provinces of Holland (including West Friesland) and Zeeland, instituted as a separate entity of the government of the Counties of Holland and Zeeland in 1428. So, about 600 years ago some craftsmen were at work under my feet. Today I had a view from a window at the first floor, looking at a part of the old town called the ‘Hofstraat’.

The beautiful light at the street came alive when two passers-by came along. I had plenty of time to put my camera on manual focus as I decided to work with during this month of capturing the light.


As I read before, somewhere on the YouTube channel, after having positioned the frame you should wait for the people. So I did and indeed I was surprised to see someone coming by. Today my first attempt to capture ‘THE LIGHT OF DORDRECHT” ended successful thanks to the rain.

FUJI Xpro2 – 23mmF2 R WR – ISO 1250 – F 6,4 – 1/250 sec