My favorite museum in The Netherlands is still the Kröller Müller museum. It’s about Van Gogh of course but also about the unique architecture of the museum itself. And even the garden with all the sculptures is magnificent. Today one of the rooms seemed empty and I was impressed by the lines in front of it. In order to make a photograph I chose for the square format and the Acros film simulation. Suddenly a young boy appeared in the frame. At home I saw him pointing to the empty room apparently.


I love the lines in this image, but I have to thank the young boy. In spite of the lovely warnings of his mother he completed my picture in a very special way. I thank him very much, because people can complete an image like this one. Later on I saw his mother again……. and of course I asked for publishing.


Fuji X-Pro2 – 35mF1.4R – ISO800 – F4 at 1/80 sec