First of all I have to state that I love black and white images. I do love the square format too, based on my former experiences with my Hasselblad. Nowadays I am working with a small Fuji outfit. A new experience. Sometimes I fell back to the past. In my home I have a wonderful ceramic form shaped by Greta van Donk.

It is still present after a long time of years. And I still love it too. Especially when I switch on the lights and the shadows appear. The dreamy mountains take me away to some former mountain paths I climbed.

Nowadays I’m working at the street, however I don’t feel to be a street photographer. When and where possible I like to have a small talk to people and to photograph them. It happend to be a magic experience, because everybody has something to tell. People’s own stories are very interesting.

So, instead of photographing in my studio I now mostly work at daylight situations. Like the weddings I shot before. Photography is still exiting, day by day.