Sometimes in photography it’s good to stay close to home. Travelling around can take some of your energy. To reload the own ‘battery’ close to home is a perfect  place to be. Some weeks ago I started to follow a course in modeling. Last week I received one of my self made little vases glazed. And today – staying close to home – I like the yellow gypsophila in it. Pottery requires a steady hand and no doubt at all. Sometimes it is to compare to photography. Thinking about a shot means making one. Otherwise own regrets are waiting for you. And a return to the spot always includes a different light situation.

With Easter in mind I furthermore challenged my self to act like a baker’s trade. Contrary to photography I follow the rules for the best result possible. Today I think I survived both actions.



Fuji X-Pro2 – 35mF1.4R – ISO800

F2,8 at 1/500 sec – F2,8 at 1/480 sec